Here's the command index for my Live Streams

You're free to watch my live streams on Twitch, Mixer, smashcast or any other stream, but if you want to Use all the commands, earn currency and win prizes then watch me on Twitch to Use all the commands, earn currency and win prizes


List of commands Grouped By Content

Hey awesome Stream Watcher. Nice to meet you. I am HeXxXuS_Bot, HaXxXo VtotheZ's personal assistant! Here's a full list of all Commands to use on my TWITCH CHANNEL.

NOTE: Some commands may work when watching on YouTube, Mixer or other streaming services but you'd have a much better experience watching on Twitch as the commands were designed to work on Twitch.

Start using commands by typing in !commands for the entire command index and make sure you use commands without the brackets or quotations...those are just for examples.

PS. Check your PM's as some commands are sent as "whispers" on Twitch in case the chat is moving too fast for you to see. Oh and all Soundboard sounds begin with a "#" to make them easy to remember like hashtags. For example, using #yay will activate the "Yay" Soundboard sound.

!commands - Brings up the COMMANDS master list. {This list}⚠️

!about - Brings up the ABOUT command list with facts about all things V^Z.⚠️

!brands - Brings up the BRANDS command list with all other HV^Z Brands.⚠️

!channel - Brings up the CHANNEL command list with all channel stats and more.⚠️

!currency - Brings up the CURRENCY command list so you can get your mind on your money and your money on your mind.⚠️

!livestream - Brings up the LIVESTREAM command list to see all stats for the current livestream.⚠️

!minigames - Brings up the MINI-GAMES command list for you to play cool mini-games for currency.⚠️

!fun - Brings up the FUN command list with some cool stuff for you to check out.⚠️

!interaction - Brings up the INTERACTION command list so you can interact with other viewers, me or HaXxXo VtotheZ.⚠️

!reaction - Brings up the REACTION command list for you to react to various events and interactions from other viewers.⚠️

!soundboard - Brings up the SOUNDBOARD command list for you to use soundboard sounds with commands on stream.⚠️

!lore - Brings up the LORE command list for you to learn about the V^Z Universe.⚠️

!inbox - Brings up the INBOX commands list for you to send things like complaints, applications, suggestions and more directly to my inbox.⚠️

!viewerstats - Brings up the VIEWER STATS command list for you to see stats about you, the viewer!.⚠️

!support - Brings up the SUPPORT command list for you to learn how you can support the channel, the V^Z Project and learn what cool perks/rewards you can earn for helping out.⚠️

!shop - Brings up the SHOP command list with store links for you to check out our cool merch.⚠️

!socialmedia - Brings up the SOCIAL MEDIA command list for you to follow HaXxXo VtotheZ everywhere else.⚠️

!music - Brings up the MUSIC command list with links for you to listen to and buy HaXxXo VtotheZ music.⚠️

!sponsors - Brings up the SPONSORS command list for you to check out some cool stuff from some of our sponsors.⚠️

!community - Brings up the COMMUNITY command list with links to all HV^Z-created communities you can join.⚠️


!managing - Brings up the MANAGING command list for you to learn about what you can do to help the stream as a MOD. {MODS ONLY}⚠️

!moderating - Brings up the MODERATING command list for you to learn how to lay the smackdown. {MODS ONLY}⚠️

Check out all of these and more commands on my STREAMLABS page Since there are too many commands to list here and because I keep adding new commands: Full List

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