Support HaXxXo VtotheZ and the V^Z Project and earn exclusive rewards

What is the V^Z Project?

The V^Z Project is an audacious project I've taken on to change the way content creators and artists interact with their fans and reward those who supported them before they became mainstream.


So instead of wishing that you could maybe one day possibly win something like catching a t-shirt thrown at the crowd and it never happening, you get exclusive rewards that no one else would get just for supporting V^Z Music on Tradiio, V^Z Gaming on Twitch or by supporting everything I do on PatreonSubscribeStar or here on the

Official Website.


Rewards include:

- discounts on merchandise

- exclusive and early access to content

- Free merch

- bragging rights

- life-long benefits and more

You can support the V^Z Project by:

- Making purchases from the Official Website.

- Donating on Paypal.

- Donating on streamLABS.

- Gifting items from my Amazon WishList

- Subscribing to one of the 3 different subscription plans offered at one of 4 different levels.

You have a choice of supporting V^Z Music, V^Z gaming or the entire V^Z Project and earn different rewards based on your subscriptions

support V^Z Music on:

HaXxXo VtotheZ on Tradiio

Or support The Whole

V^Z Project on:

HaXxXo VtotheZ on Patreon

support V^Z Gaming on:

HaXxXo VtotheZ on Twitch

Or support The Whole

V^Z Project on:

HaXxXo VtotheZ on SubscribeStar

Or support The Whole

V^Z Project on:

Website Banner.jpg

Once you decide on what you would like to support

check out the rewards for each tier to choose your subscription level:

Fan, SuperFan, UltraFan or Founder

Why would you even want to help?

Since I run an entire music label, production/art studio and Digital Marketing agency by myself, I appreciate any help from anyone who likes my art, music or anything else that I do. So much so in fact that I created a rewards system for anyone who would like to be a part of the team.


Check out the exclusive sub rewards for supporting V^Z Music, V^Z Gaming and the entire Bundle Rewards for supporting everything I do before signing up so you know what you're getting with your subscription.


rewards include free music. merch, exclusive discounts, and so much more that I've ever seen from any other content-creator so it's definitely worth checking out.

If money is not an option but you still want to show your support then there are still ways you can help.

Here's How:

- Joining me on stream, chatting, inviting your friends and Following me on Twitch.


- Watching my YouTube videos and subscribing to the Official YouTube channel.


- Following and Listening to my music on streaming services like Spotify, Pandora or iHeartRadio.


- Following me on other social media.


- Sharing my content {Posts, Tweets, YouTube Videos, Invites to the Official Discord Server, Live-Streams, or Official Website links, etc} with your friends {basically being a promo or hype-squad helper}.


- Taking pictures of you wearing the HV^Z merch you purchased from Storenvy, RedBubble or here on the Official Website and sending it to or by posting it on social media with the hashtag "IBUYVtotheZMerch" and if we pick your picture to use in future product promotions, you get a huge discount on your future purchase.


- Nonchalantly blasting my music whenever you get the AUX cable in the car or simply by jamming ear buds into all of your friend's ears.

- Even something as small as helping me spell check things on my website or social media, providing fan art or even just giving suggestions about what videos I should do next on my YouTube channel, sending me memes on PINTEREST for me to post on social media and anything else you think you could do to help me out. 


You know, stuff like that.


Either way, all the support from everyone who helps out in any way is greatly appreciated. I do everything from music production, mixing, mastering, video editing, graphic design, logo design, web design, SEO, keyword research, social media/Digital marketing and so much more all by myself and it gets to be a bit overwhelming at times so regardless of what you would like to support, anything you can do to help will not only make my life easier, but it will also allow me to put out new and better stuff just for you.

P.S. If you want to take it one step further, you can apply to become an HV^Z Ambassador and just like other referral/affiliate programs, you can get exclusive rewards for your continued contributions. 

...and of course, Special thanks to everyone who has donated, sent gifts from my WishList and more.😍





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